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Do you want to give someone the best gift ever?
Need to jumpstart your Bible Study?
Need a scripture written directly for you?

Abba’s Love Notes
Abba’s Tool Bag
A daily word of inspiration from God
To share with your friends & family

Available in English and
Abba’s Love Notes  Amor Note™ de ABBA

 Abba’s Tool Bag Bolsa de Herramientas de Abba

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Daughter / Son
$20 per 100 days (adult)
$10 per 50 days (child: 5-12 years old)

Customized with Name
$25 per 100 days (adult)
$15 per 50 days (child: 5-12 years old)

Customized with Name & Picture
$30 per 100 days (adult)
$20 per 50 days (child: 5-12 years old)

Details required for each order:

*Specify for each general order:

*For Customized order only:
Specify name + man/woman/boy/girl + select a color

*"JUST BECAUSE" message:
The "Just Because" edition will be assumed unless you specify Overcome or Celebrate selection.

*Specify which "OVERCOME" message:
Addiction, Divorce, Depression, Grief, Illness, Marital Issues, or Military Service

*Specify which "CELEBRATE" message:
Anniversary, Birthday, College, Graduation, Marriage, or Retirement

*Color Selection:

1. Dark Blue 2. Light Blue 3. Citrus Green
4. Light Purple 5. Brown 6. Turquoise
7. Orange 8. Dark Pink 9. Dark Purple
10. Army Green 11. Yellow 12. Teal
13. Light Pink 14. Dark Green 15. Grey
16. Gold 17. Lavender 18. Light Green

*English is assumed unless you specify Español

Shipping & Handling:

Add $5 per 2 sets
$10 per 3-10 sets
$15 per 11 -25 sets

Order & pay online here
use this form to create your order and mail payment

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Bellflower, CA 90707-1263

Make sure you include your return mailing address and email + phone number for questions regarding your order.